Mary Lyon School

Kayla Pappas
Chicago , IL
Mar 10, 2017

I teach 2nd graders in a city public school. Although we have a math curriculum this year, we were unable to purchase the manipulatives that are recommended with it. However, the curriculum includes a variety of interactive whiteboard resource options. Unfortunately, I would need an interactive whiteboard to fully benefit from those resources.

I can just imagine the impact an interactive whiteboard system would make on my math lessons, student participation within math (and other subjects) and the range of skills my students could potentially work on. My students are constantly needing to fidget, move, and learn using their hands, bodies and senses.

If granted this wish, my students would be able to fully engage themselves in our math lessons, morning meeting activities, and simple daily tasks such as attendance or lunch choice. This interactive whiteboard system could help my students gain independence and confidence that will help them for years to come.