Wickersham Elementary School

David Calender
Lancaster, PA , PA
Jan 29, 2013

I am a librarian who has had his job transformed into a technology coach. While I love technology, I have been given little beyond desktop computers to implement and support this new position.
I have four different schools, with four varying degrees of technology hardware, software and teacher expertise. I am requesting an IPEVO Point 2 View USB Document Camera for Wickersham Elementary School because this school has the least amount of technology, but the largest number of teachers who are ready, willing and able to learn, use and implement technology in their classrooms! Using the camera to enhance English Language Arts and Science will meet the needs of my students and teachers.
I have a very supportive principal at Wickersham and the opportunity to implement this document camera and show how it can transform student learning and teacher instruction will assist my request for more the purchase of more document cameras! Thank you for considering my request!
David Calender, Digital and Print Resource Specialist, Wickersham Elementary School, School District of Lancaster, Lancaster, PA