Ledgewood Elementary School

Heidi Milner
Roscoe , IL
Apr 22, 2014

I am a kindergarten teacher at Ledgewood School in Roscoe, Illinois. This year I have an LCD projector in my classroom that is used to display images from my laptop. The projector is an excellent tool to use for displaying interactive books, PowerPoint presentations, educational videos, class research projects, brainstorming, etc. While my laptop is attached to the projector, it is challenging for me to avoid limiting the view of my 26 students as I operate the laptop. A wireless presentation system would allow me to operate my laptop without blocking my students' field of vision. My kindergarten students would be able to have a clear view of the images, presentations, and projects I am projecting. They would be able to truly receive all of the information, instruction, and knowledge my lessons have to offer. A wireless presentation system will also allow me to make smoother and quicker transitions, and it would enable me to use my projector more frequently and more efficiently. Use of the wireless system would enhance my students' overall educational experience and give them a variety of multi-sensory and motivating opportunities to learn.