Enrico Fermi High School

Michael Pescitelli
Enfield , CT
Apr 21, 2014
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As a Math Teacher there are often classroom explanations that I am unable to effectively demonstrate to the pupils due to the level of complexity associated with them, the details that are lost and the sheer number of students in a class. Being able to demonstrate these explanations graphically and an interactive format is effective. It would benefit students learning enormously.

The main reason I “wish listing” for the wireless presentation system is because it would allow me to move freely through instruction and present concepts in a very interactive method without the mess and concern of wiring connections at the beginning of instruction and after instruction.
Previous to obtaining new computers- desktops we had laptops which were more portable and easy to connect to my class projector, however during the past recent months I have been unable to effectively used the projector. Anytime I have been able to use it in class I am able to encourage the use of technology within the classroom: using my document camera daily, ipad –educreations, and created interactive PowerPoint presentations. All of these instructional strategies are easily modified for differentiated instruction which I have found very helpful for my learners.

I would be so appreciative to receive this item and I really look forward to hearing back from the committee who decides on the outcome.