Randall Elementary

Kati Walsh
Madison , WI
Apr 16, 2014
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My district is getting all the classroom teachers Interactive Whiteboards and 1 to 1 devices. The art and music rooms are the one place in the district that is not getting these technology upgrades. The upgrades in art and music come from teachers writing grants or paying out of pocket for hardware. This wireless presentation system will allow the myself (the art teacher) and my colleague the music teacher to present student work from the four different computers as well as project our work onto student computers. I just attempted a stop motion animation unit with my fourth graders. We have three iPads to share with the entire school but after two months, finally achieved each fourth grader creating their own video. Then, I tried to present the videos to each class by using my iPevo camera (thank you!!!!) to film the iPad onto my TV screen. The results were better than 30 kids huddled around one iPad but this presentation system would completely change my classroom.