Trinity Episcopal School

Jodi Beavers
Marshall , TX
Apr 16, 2014
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I teach art to k-8th grade students at a small private school. I have a very small budget, therefore I have two fund raisers per year to supplement. With my fund raising money I usually buy canvas' for the students to paint on with acrylics and I buy other fun supplies. I raised money several years ago and purchased a document camera. It is such a hassle to hook up to my computer because of the room arrangement. This system seems ideal for my class set up. My students love when I have the camera on, they know something exciting is about to happen in our lesson. I would also love to be able to turn my whiteboard into an interactive board. I can think of all sorts of ways to enhance the students art instruction.
Thank you in advance for this opportunity.

Artfully yours,

Jodi Beavers