Enka Middle School

Stacie Keitt
Candler , NC
Apr 12, 2014
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Our classroom is filled with the chatter of little voices and active twelve year old students. At the front of the room, I have students in charge of each area of our classroom technology. I have about four assistant students who help me with my technology with plugging, unplugging, changing cords, going between screens and computers. Each of my four students have to stay on task and when we move between the document camera back to the smart-board each one assists. At times, it is very time consuming and difficult to remember which cord goes where. We are switching back and forth so much, I am afraid we will damage one of the ports. What can we do, we could do so much and save our technology with the wireless presentation station. Of course, my students may be disappointed because they will not be able to assist as much but the kids will be excited to help with the presentation station. Please help us save our technology by donating this presentation station.