Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy

Olivia Bagby
Chattanooga , TN
Apr 10, 2014
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Art has always been seen as and educational outlet for my students and it is my goal as their teacher to provide them with as many experiences into the art world as possible. Bringing a form of technology into this art classroom will give me the ability to do that in one more way!!

My students are under-served, under-performing inner city middle school and high school girls. They are 65% African-American, 30% Latin-American, and 5% other. They are of lower social-economic standing, resulting in 99% of the school being on free or reduced lunch. The majority of my students come from single-parent homes, with many living with an extended family member, be it a grandmother, aunt, or sister. Despite these challenges, many of my students are outspoken, very opinionated, and willing to share their perspective, but operate several grade-levels below their current grade. It is our school's goal to provided girls and young women with a rigorous college preparatory education focused on science, technology, engineering, and math in a supportive environment that nurtures self confidence, inspires leadership, encourages critical thinking, and promotes academic excellence. We offer an extended school day, extended school year, within small learning group environment.

With the art world ever changing within the growing field of technology, it is my goal for this high-definition wireless presentation adaptor to bring a new light into my art classroom. I want to be able to use it as not only a teaching tool for the students to actively learn from, but be able to truly engage with. My classroom is very small, and bursting at the seams with the necessary supplies that an art classroom needs. A bulky 'SmartBoard' would never be able to fit without taking up valuable wall space in my classroom. A resource like this could be so, absolutely, valuable!

My students are very energetic and love the opportunity to put their creativity to the test and I truly believe that this wireless presentation adaptor will help them to bring their talent to a whole new light in a way they have never had the opportunity to experience!