Mount Mourne School

Clarissa Doughtie
Mooresville , NC
Apr 10, 2014

I teach 7th grade pre-algebra and 8th grade geometry at an IB middle school. This year our school district is implementing blended learning. I am also using learning stations that include a combination of whole group direct instruction, small group instruction, and small collaborative work groups that all utilize technology in some form. A district wide IMPACT grant (Innovation Methods for Personalizing Academics, Complemented by Technology) has also provided our school district with the opportunity for one to one technology in which all students across the district will receive a MacBook Air laptop in April. A High Definition Wireless Presentation System would be an invaluable tool in my classroom. Some benefits of having the wireless presentation system include:

1) Presentations of Projects: My geometry class is a project- based classroom. Students complete a wide variety of projects including designing a house and learning computer programming and coding to create animations. The projects always incorporate some form of multimedia presentation. In the past much class time was lost by students having to log into their e-mail accounts or into programs such as GoAnimate or Glogster to access their work. I also had some issues with compatibility as some students completed their work on Apple devices and our school had PCs. The wireless presentation system would allow students to present their work in a variety of formats, giving them the opportunity to seek out more innovative presentation formats and programs. Students could also use Apple based programs such as key note and photo booth and have the ability to share their work with greater ease.

2) Management of Learning Stations: When implementing blended learning stations the teacher is always working with a smaller group of students while other groups are working on various tasks, one of which is always technology based. As a teacher, it is extremely important that we constantly monitor what students are accessing online. With the wireless presentation system, I could use the split screen mode to have students in a small group display their computer screens. This would allow me to work with a small group and monitor their work on the computer at the same time.

3) Sharing Strategies: In math, we are always emphasizing the importance of sharing numerous strategies for solving a problem. The wireless presentation system would allow several students to display their work at the same time so we could easily analyze and compare problem solving strategies.

With a one to one classroom, the opportunities that a High Definition Wireless Presentation System could offer are endless! I would be excited to see all the ways that I could use this technology in my classroom!