Cesar E. Chavez Elementary

Ernesto Gama
Salinas , CA
Apr 9, 2014
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Using the High-Definition Wireless Presentation System in my classroom would be an ideal situation. We are limited and prohibited to using or running any cable through the walls or ceiling by our district. Doing this will allow me to connect my Ipevo Interactive Whiteboard and use it to its full potential. Since my projector is mounted on the ceiling, I am not allowed to run the USB extension cable needed to properly use the whiteboard. Right now I have to leave the cable dangling from the ceiling mounted projector every time I use the Interactive Whiteboard and remove it when I am done with my lesson(s). This has become very labor intensive and the calibration of the sensor has be reset every single time I want to use it, which has not allowed me to use the whiteboard as much as I'd like. The students will benefit by having more meaningful lessons on a daily basis, instead of having them on occasions due to the hardware limitations in my classroom. The times I have been able to use the whiteboard, the students are engaged like no other, and they are amazed by the technology aspect involved in the lesson. Our school is in a very low socio-economic area and we lack the appropriate technology to support the student's learning. We still use computers in the classrooms that are nearly 10 years old and we need update our resources to provide the necessary education that the students deserve. Having this paired with the I-pevo Interactive Whiteboard will be a step in the right direction and possibly convince other teachers in the school to do the same.