Blandford Elementary School

Kimberley McGee
Rincon , GA
Apr 9, 2014
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This high-definintion wireless presentation system would be awesome to have in my class. My 60+ K-5 gifted students are often required to present multi-media presentations for their research, book reports, creative writing, etc. With the upcoming loss of support for Windows XP, our school district will be using LinuxMint and Office Libre for the student computers, yet our teacher computers will be Windows 7. (Until then, presentations are saved on a flash drive and shown from my computer through the projector.) Since LinuxMint/Office Libre will not save and show on a Windows driven computer, we will not be able to show the presentations on the screen for the entire class to see. However, with the wireless presentation system, I will be able to show student presentations from the student computers. This would be so incredible!! I am really excited about this opportunity!!