Roscoe Middle School

Kirk Rydberg
Roscoe , IL
Apr 9, 2014

This is EXACTLY what I have been begging for in my classroom! My classroom does not have a lot of bells and whistles in it as I have a cart for my LCD projector and DVD player. I have to roll it out any time I want to use it and it sits right in the middle of the class. To use the LCD I have to hook up my laptop and manually operate it there. This unfortunately blocks some students (I'm 6"4') so I am constatnly having to move out of the way so students can see. There is only one outlet for me to use for the projector, DVD player, and speakers so my laptop cannot be plugged in and quickly runs down. This wireless system would be PERFECT for my classroom as it would allow me to present to the class in a more efficient learning environment that would maximize the effectiveness of the presentations that are presented. There would be no more dodging and ducking trying to stay out of the way. This would be a dream come true. Thank you for your consideration of my request.