N.F. Woods Advanced Technology and Art Center

Donald Peters
Mooresville , NC
Apr 8, 2014
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Currently when using my projector I have to stretch wires across my room, basically creating a barrier or booby trap that blocks off one complete avenue into and out of my room. I cannot keep my projector hooked up continuously because of this and do not use it as much now as I would if I didn't have to worry about wiring issues.

If there were an emergency, I would have to quickly undue wires and connections so that my students could exit the room safely.

I have already had one projector broken because it was accidentally pulled off the pedestal because a student did not see the wires and walked into them.

I have looked into buying one of these for my classroom, but the budget is tight and I cannot justify the expense over basic materials for my students.

Thank you for considering my request and for your support of teachers and education.