Holy Family -St. Ludmila

Barb DeMeulenaere
Cedar Rapids , IA
Dec 6, 2013

An interactive whiteboard would work into my classroom in so many ways. My primary position is as the Resource teacher for our third and fourth graders where differentiated instruction is central. I work with students on both ends of the spectrum: those who need additional help and those who are considered gifted and talented. One thing they have in common is the need for a stimulating curriculum. My resource students love simply coming to the board to work a math problem or working on the computer on an interactive game. An interactive whiteboard would be a wonderful combination of the two. Because my gifted and talented students enjoy guiding their own instruction the whiteboard would open up a whole new area of discovery. In addition to these classes I also teach fourth grade science in another classroom, so the easy portability of the whiteboard is very appealing. As we all continue to strengthen our alignment with the Iowa Common Core we enjoy finding activities to expand our knowledge and this wonderful product would fit right into the technology of the 21st Century Skills while strengthening many other skills.