Lake Forest Elementary

Sarah Smith
Sandy Springs , GA
Nov 24, 2013

I would like to wish for an interactive whiteboard system for my classroom. I believe this would help me enhance my teaching style for my students, and be able to give them a chance at more technology integration. Throughout the day, I am blessed to teach 40 5th graders, all from different backgrounds and of different ability levels. Many of my students at our title 1 school are English language learners, and unfortunately do not get many opportunities to use technology. I want to expose them to as much technology as possible to make learning fun and exciting for them. Providing them with this interactive whiteboard will help me create more unforgettable lessons. I am hopeful that I will use this tool to further my students education, and be able to differentiate in my classroom even more, so that I reach every child's ability level. It is my goal every day to provide my students with an appropriate education, and to give them the tools they need to be successful this year and throughout their lives. I believe this piece of technology would help me in this goal. Thank you.