Bosco System

Stephanie Peters
Gilbertville , IA
Oct 1, 2013

I am currently teaching technology classes to K-8 students in several classrooms. Within each of these classroom, I am lucky enough to have an interactive whiteboard system to work on with the students, except the one where I am teaching my 3-5 grade students. In this classroom, I have access to a whiteboard, a projector, and our computer lab.

Having an interactive whiteboard would allow me to do so much more with my students in these classes. I would be able to engage them with hands-on use of current technology practices and lessons. I could make better use of formative assessment practices with each student when I can have them come up and demonstrate their technology skills and abilities. I would also be better able to meet the National Technology Standards through my use of interactive lessons, demonstrations, and guided practice.

Students will see exactly what I am doing in my use of specific technology tools, and then be able to replicate it and expand on it, using the tools they have been provided. This Interactive Whiteboard system would benefit my ability to teach my 3rd-5th grade students and their ability to learn, retain, and apply new technology skills.