Hinson Middle School

Sherri Callahan
Daytona Beach , FL
Sep 15, 2013

The IPEVO will transform my Art Classroom, updating my teaching and the students’ discovery experiences with technology. I envision more engaged students, as they will be able to see tool and material demonstrations without jockeying for position around a single table. Small images, text from art history books, details of artworks and even microscopic images from slides can inspire their imaginations and help me explain with images – the artist’s language! I look forward to using the IPEVO with microscope adaptor to introduce a common core standard lesson plan using microscopic images to inspire clay relief sculptures. I will only need one microscope rather than a class set of 30 to share the images with students – so efficient! The students will view microscopic samples of the world around us to inspire their imaginations, curiosity and artwork!