Skagit Discovery Center

Joyce Blackbird
Sedro-Woolley , WA
Sep 14, 2013

Our funding has been cut so severely that we lost our Intermediate teacher, and I now have a combination of both Intermediate and Middle School Students. At this time, we rely on any "extras" (some folks would call "extras" necessities) through teachers' pocketbooks, and Box-top for Education goodies. We have a Student Advisory Board rather than a Student Council, and therefore are not allowed to have fundraisers for "extras". Each of our three classrooms (K-3, 4-6, 9-12) takes no more than eight students, and is staffed by the teacher and two instructional assistants. Our students are high needs students, and are served by I.E.P.s. Many of our students live in foster care homes, group homes, with grandparents, or with a single parent - and do not have the resources to help us get "extras" for our classrooms and students.

Although the students we serve have challenges and issues, they are wonderful, innovative, bright, creative, and they absolutely LOVE SCIENCE!!!! All three teachers on board (myself included) have been wishing for microscopes - especially our high school teacher who is a certificated biology teacher as well as a special education teacher.

All three of us teachers would be absolutely more than thrilled if we were able to procure a microscope to share through simply making a wish! :)