Hazelwood Central Middle School

Natalie Hegger
Florissant , MO
Sep 14, 2013

My English classroom is very interactive. One of the things I use is an interactive notebook where students put foldables and other interactive tools right on the pages so they can use them to take notes. Having a document camera would allow all student to see the small folds that need to happen while I'm doing them, making us more productive and time efficient. In addition, we don't always have the money to buy new books to do a class novel together. Having a document camera would allow me to buy just 1 copy of a book that I could read aloud, but project from the camera so students could follow along as well. I really believe in finding books to engage students, and this camera would be a great way to ensure I am able to read high interest books in the classroom without having to buy an entire classroom set.