Mt. Mourne Middle School

Sally Webb
Mooresville , NC
Sep 13, 2013

I teach 7th grade language arts in an IB middle school. This year I am implementing differentiated learning stations as a strategy to reach all of my learners. I would like for my learning stations to have a heavy emphasis on collaboration and technology. With a document camera, I could set up a stations that meet different learning targets and that are student driven. Examples of these stations include, but are not limited to the following:

1. A place where a small group of students can analyze a common text and have the ability to see the text together allowing them to physically identify parts of the texts that support their analysis.
2. A place where small groups of students can share written work that they would like to have peer reviewed and edited.
3. A place where students can collaborate on shared writing pieces.
4. A place where students can use a text or picture as a spring board for a small Socratic seminar.
5. A place where students can share strategies for learning new vocabulary, for example how to use drawings and pictures to learn and reinforce new words.
6. A place where students can analyze pictures and make inferences about the photos.
7. A place where students can use a shared picture to generate ideas for stories, descriptions, and summaries.
8. A place where students can present their written and visual ideas and research to others.
9. A place where students can generate and share ideas that cross curricular content and allow for students to research and share ideas that are important and relevant to them.

I believe that having the document camera allows for students to share one large interactive visual. This is more conducive to collaborative learning than the same text/visual on many computer screens spread across desks and tables. A shared screen allows for students to be together and focused on the same image at the same time. It also allows for more group focused attention to the task which leads to better collaboration.

In the ways that my students will be able to facilitate their own learning in differentiated small group centers, I believe that a document camera will allow me to model exemplary strategies and student work to the whole class. I can use this technology as a part of my small mini lessons that prepare students for small group focused practice of the skills we are learning.