Mount Mourne School

Clarissa Doughtie
Mooresville , NC
Sep 13, 2013

A document camera is a necessary tool in any interactive classroom. As a math teacher, a document camera would be an invaluable resource that would enable me to model mathematical problems using the same manipulatives that students are working with during their investigations. The use of hands on materials is essential to building conceptual understanding in math, and the document camera would give students greater flexibility in sharing their strategies with the class. I have witnessed other classrooms using document cameras and was amazed at the level of student engagement.

Our school has also begun a paradigm shift into standards based grading. This success of this system of grading relies heavily on meaningful teacher feedback and the use of exemplars to help students show growth in each content area. The document camera would allow me to share student work and provide timely and purposeful feedback for my students.

This document camera and microscope adapter would be such a great resource for not only my own classroom, but for our entire school, as we are constantly sharing the few technological resources we have across grade and subject levels.