Ben Bronz Academy

Paola Pawlak
West Hartford , CT
Sep 13, 2013

I would like to request a Document Camera and Microscope Adapter. I work in a small school with Learning Disabled Students. Having this technology would allow me to project images so that all of the students will see the same image at the same time. When collaborating with our Science Teacher, we would be able to show our students images that are on the slides without them having to look through the microscope. Being Learning Disabled many of our students have difficulty using precise language to describe what they see. Having this equipment would allow the students to point to what they are attempting to describe so that we can help them use precise language to describe what they see. The saying a picture is worth a thousand words applies to many of my students. Showing them a picture allows them to connect to the printed words that we want them to comprehend. I could use the document camera in my Social Studies classes to display primary resources and materials out of the book. Projecting examples of student work as exemplars or to work on editing would also be extremely helpful. The list could go on for pages about the ways that this technology would benefit my students.