Dutch Ridge Elementary

Phyllis Stedford
Beaver , PA
Sep 12, 2013

The USB Document Camera & Microscope Adapter for the USB Document Camera would be IDEAL for the 5th grade curriculum at our school. During the year we use the microscope to look at invertebrates, particularly macroinvertebrates. We scoop the water on school grounds and I bring in samples from local streams and rivers. We also look at the plankton in these samples.

These science classes are extremely exciting- for the kids and ME! It seems like we always find new life to share, and the plankton is out of this world! One regret I experience is that I cannot snap a picture of what we see and share it with all the classes, including my partner's classes. She has 3 5th grade science classes, and I also have three different classes. Beside sharing what we see, we could also save these pictures from year to year.

Lastly, the students do powerpoints on what they learn. Imagine their enthusiasm and pride if they could use pictures of what they actually saw. This would also be phenomenal to share with parents!!!

I truly wish I could have an IPEVO P2V USB Document Camera and Microscope Adapter fro P2V USB Document Camera. The impact for my science classes would be incredible!

PS I am asking for one, but if my partner, LeAnn Pitaro, could also have one, if you have that many, BOY- that would be super cool!!!!!!

Phyllis Stedford