Vincent High School

Jennifer Supri
Vincent , AL
Sep 7, 2013
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I am the technology coordinator at a small, rural school in Shelby County, Alabama. Despite budget cuts that have resulted in the loss of more than 25 percent of our faculty in the past five years, our school continues to strive to provide the best education possible for our 477 students. Against all odds, we have continuously made Adequate Yearly Progress according to state and federal guidelines. Our students continue to exceed expectations with accolades such as a Gates Millennium Scholar and a nationally ranked JROTC program, along with more than $100,000 in college scholarship from the class of 2013. The students at Vincent High School are a phenomenal group of young men and women, without question. But, they are led each day by a phenomenal group of teachers who put their hearts into their jobs, often without the essential tools of their trade for a classroom in 2013. Alabama has cut all funding for technology due to pro-ration for the past five years. With 67 percent of our students on free and reduced lunch, our parent support is very little financially. Therefore, all funding I receive for technology is in the form of grant writing. There is a tremendous push today for higher math and reading scores, so companies are more apt to fund projects benefiting these courses. However, science is often overlooked, despite its necessity in today's world. By receiving this document camera and microscope adapter, I can help our four science teachers meet the needs of their students and have an essential tool for their classroom. Lab supplies are expensive and often limited. This would enable the teachers to show an entire class a lab with only one microscope needed, helping to make more labs possible and learning more accessible.