Sunny Hill Elementary School

Liz Bure
Carpentersville , IL
Sep 7, 2013
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Although I've been teaching for 16 years, I've just been lucky enough to be transferred to a wonderful school which serves mostly native Spanish speakers. These kids many be low on the Socio-Economic scale, but their curiousity and love for learning is rich beyond belief. Every little morsel of learning I offer them is devoured with wide eyes, enthusiasm, and GRATITUDE! The one struggle I am encountering is communication. Although I am learning Spanish as fast as I can, there are some "tier 2 and 3 words" that are out of reach for my kids. I have found that the best way to communicate with them is visually! This is not hard, since I am the art teacher! I am lucky to have an LCD projector in my classroom, and I take advantage of it more than ever before!
A document camera would give my students even more opportunities to get information visually as well as verbally! Right now, we are working on some drawing lessons, and I'm doing a lot of demonstrations on the dry erase board. Unfortunately, this puts me in the "front" of the room with my back to my kids. I'd love to set up my room so that I could face my students and demonstrate some drawing projects using the Ipevo document camera! My students with limited English proficiency would especially benefit from closer interaction and a better view of demonstrations, since they are really soaking up most of their learning visually while they're working towards grasping the English language.
I would actually love to have the microscope adapter as well, because we are currently studying and drawing micro organisms and fungi from a book filled with scientific illustrations of tiny plants and fungal life! We are working this into our study of pattern and "zentangles!" They love it! Fungi are actually quite stunning! I'd love to be able to show them the real thing on the big screen. I can imagine their wide eyes when they take turns focusing the microscope and seeing the real thing after drawing from illustrations. Luckily, my storage room is home to science storage for the whole school, so I already have access to microscopes! How serendipitous for some interdisciplinary art-science to happen this year! Thank You in advance for considering providing this gift to my brilliant children!