Lakeview Elementary School

Cindy Sue Kendall
Negaunee , MI
Sep 7, 2013
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Several years ago, I purchased a document camera, which I used for a program called Project 64: Drawing Children into Reading. I then lent that document camera to another teacher who used it for most of the school year and upon its return to me, it is no longer working; why, I do not know. Because it is several years old, I would like to have a working document camera so that I can also get rid of that old technology called "an overhead projector." I plan to use the document camera to assist me in showing handwriting and letter formation to my students, to show up-close the inside of a bean seed, and to make use of my new white board with scanned mathematic materials for student use. I am positive there are many other uses for this document camera I will discover once I begin using it. Thank you. Cindy Sue Kendall