The English High School

Jessica JeanGiles
Boston , MA
Sep 6, 2013
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The students at my school are young and eager to learn, however, the school is lacking in many resources that could help to improve students' science education. Due to the school's poor performances on standardized testing, the school is facing a possible takeover by the state. $900,000 in federal funds are being withheld until the school is able to fix its problems.

My 9th grade biology students are the foundation of the school and getting them to be engaged in the science content is difficult without enough textbooks or technology. In the last few years, the school has shown area and I believe that the document camera and microscope adapter would be great tool to use in helping students better understand difficult and abstract concepts in biology (i.e cells, bacteria)

Many of these students come from rough backgrounds where they are used to not having enough, or not having the best. I am extremely dedicated to making sure my students have an excellent learning experience in my biology classes this year and in the future by giving them my best! They deserve it.