Olympic Christian School

Port Angeles , WA
Sep 5, 2013
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A document camera is an extremely valuable tool. It is such a time saver and a way for students to view things on a larger scale or from a different view. In my classroom, we focus a lot on science. We do not have a document camera or a microscope available to us. My students are hungry to learn in every subject. They are especially excited about the science projects this year and how hands-on all of our subjects are. A document camera would be such a blessing because the students could show their work to the rest of the class at a touch of a button. It's wonderful for group activities and sharing ideas with the rest of the class. It's so helpful in art because all of the students and directly see the process that you're demonstrating on a greater scale.

I have taught in Spain (1 year) and in Papua New Guinea (2 years) and this is my second year at this school here in the States. Overseas I did not have the access to technology such as document cameras. There has been many, many hours spent at photocopiers (thankful for that technology!) and much paper wasted. Many lessons are not geared toward increasing use of technology to diversify the ways to communicate with students and how to help them learn. The students light-up when they have access to different types of technology. They get so excited and more motivated to do their work. In past years of teaching at a public school in the States, we did have document cameras in every classroom. The students were always enthusiastic about getting to share their ideas with the class using a document camera. It was fabulous for show and tell and other presentations. Science is one of my passions and to be able to incorporate a microscope with a document camera would be so helpful!

The document camera would be a dream to use in all of the other subjects as well. I would use is daily in math, in English, reading, and so much more! What a joy it would be to be able to share ideas and have everyone see them at that moment. Our private school is small. We do not receive funding outside of our tuition that we charge and we do not even have the funds for each class to have a budget. Everything to enhance the learning in our classrooms comes from our own pockets. I never thought that I personally would be able to a afford a document camera or microscope for our classroom. We would all be so incredibly thankful if IPEVO Wishpool would grant our wish. There are only been 2 days of school so far this year, but I can already tell that this class is really excited about some hands-on learning. Any technology would just enhance that learning even more.

Thank you so very much for your time and consideration. Blessings on you all for your care in seeing future generations receive an excellent education.