Marshall Intermediate Center

Katy Nykamp
South Bend , IN
Mar 23, 2013
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I teach 7th and 8th grade social studies at an urban middle school. I have been lucky enough to acquire my own lcd projector and LONG vga cord so that I may utilize my desktop to augment my lessons with video clips and powerpoints. I am lucky to be able to do this. We've had several near-disasters however with students tripping over the cords and wires. I have had a complete loss of two sets of speakers with this set-up.

My students would benefit from the wireless station in that we can move around the room freely for centers and other activities without having to worry about someone snagging a long cord and hurting themselves or damaging the equipment.

I also teach a "success" period everyday for math and language arts. I would love to have this wireless station as an option to help project manipulatives, provide examples of math problems, and edit students' work "in the moment", while still being able to be up and moving around the room instead of tethered to my desk and computer! Thanks for the opportunity.