Chenango Forks High School

Keith Rosko
Binghamton , NY
Mar 23, 2013
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I am an art teacher and I have a class set of iPads (15).
I am currently using an iPevo document camera for use in class, however I need to attach it to my laptop.
I could use this camera as I travel about my classroom, to give demonstrations and project them directly from my iPad, through my Apple TV onto the screen in the front of the classroom.
I could also have students use their own iPads to project areas of their work (in progress) and as class critiques upon completion while I move about the room (If a student needs work or has a question with their project I could hook the camera to their iPad and do an impromptu demo from their work).
It would make on the fly demonstrations much easier and much more portable, it would make in progress student led critiques easier (and happen more often) as well as be used for reference projection of materials.
I feel confident the uses of this item would quickly go well beyond those uses, and expand to use in faculty meetings and trainings (I am one of our districts Technology Integration Specialists) and it would allow me to pass my current camera on to another teacher.