Locust Grove Elementary

Leslyn Rushing
Crestwood , KY
Mar 22, 2013
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I teach art to 662 wonderful artists in rural Ky. Our school was fortunate enough to recently purchase ten iPads for an ipad classroom cart. Teachers can check these out to use in their classrooms. This is the 1st time our school has been able to have a "classroom set" of iPads. I am thrilled! There are so many awesome art projects to create with the ipad. There are so many ways to integrate technology with traditional art making. I wish my Locust Grove artists could benefit from having an IPEVO-WS-01-Wireless-Station-for-iPad-and-USB-Document-Cameras. I can think of 25 ways I could put this wireless station to use but I will just name two for now. I could put an ipad at each of my 8 tables in the artroom. Students can work in groups of 4 for now.I could demonstrate using my ipad under the Ipv2 doc cam with the wireless station connection and each group would be able to see on the ipad itself, how to use the app to enhance their existing art work with the Perculate app. The students could also create an animation with the Do ink app. It would save me running around from table to table all over the room. I could do it all at the same time, and save valuable class time. My students are so anxious to use the IPads, please grant our wish an enable me to get them in their hands faster, easier and with quicker success!!!