Roscoe Middle School

Jeff Gille
Roscoe , IL
Mar 21, 2013
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First, let me say thank you again for the Ziggi Document Camera and wireless keyboard that I received last month. I teach in a district that is behind in new technology and the IPEVO WS-01 Wireless Station for the IPAD and USB Document Camera used in conjunction with the Ziggi would enhance my ability to align my curriculum with the upcoming Common Core Standards in Science by continuing to integrate new technology into it. The Common Core wants the student to be more a part of the learning process. One way that I plan to use the wireless station is that as I am teaching a concept/lab I could be walking around the room with my IPAD having students record data from their labs and relaying the results as they immediately occur and have them projected onto the whiteboard instead of having to stop and walk back up front to put information on the board. Students could then see the results immediately and collect other groups data.

My goal as a teacher has always been to make my classroom more integrated and hands on. The wireless station makes for a less restricted teaching/learning environment and would allow me to interact with students around the room more.

Our district is in the process of purchasing 5 IPADS and I could also use the wireless station to show group work that students are working on during class without having the groups need to reset up the presentation material in the front of the class.

Lab data, presentations, etc. can then be saved on my IPAD and put online for students to watch/analyze for the next class period. Absent students could also view this data/lab/presentation on the IPAD at a later date.