JFK Elementary School

Ellen Klein
Wayne , NJ
Mar 21, 2013
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I teach writing to the three fifth grade classes in my school. A key part of teaching such a difficult skill is to model, model, model! With this technology, I would be able to display anchor writing pieces and show students how to edit and revise. I could model it for the class at first and then have them work cooperatively making revisions and editing. Pairs could then show how they improved the anchor writing using the station. Finally, I could display clearer copies of anchor writing from prior year's standardized tests and have the students critique and make suggestions for improvements.
However, that is only one way I envision using this station. In reading, I could project authentic literature and point out how the author used a certain skill or craft. This would allow me to let the class see the literature I am using as a read aloud and point out specific literary devices, craft, etc.
In math, I forsee using the station to show common errors and how to avoid them. Using authentic material from the student's work and showing how to improve or fix problematic areas is what real teaching is all about.
The wireless station is an invaluable tool for so many reasons. I would love to get the chance to use this in my classroom!