Brunswick Acres Elementary School

Suzanne Tiedemann
Kendall Park , New Jersey
Jan 18, 2013

For years I have been using my own personal technology in my art room with my students. Because of demonstrated practice and showcasing our digital work in our online Artsonia gallery
using my iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, my district decided to give me two iPads. Then, through grants and donations, I was able to acquire a class set of iPads last spring! My students are learning how to use the iPad as a creative tool. If we had wireless keyboards, students would be able to type their artist statements and publish them to their galleries much faster than using the touch screen. They are also required to email their digital work to me at the end of class. Having keyboards would enable them to to this task much faster. Often times, students need to type a web address into the address bar, and this takes them a considerable amount of time using the touch screen. Our time in the art room only consists of 40 minutes per week, so every minute counts. If we could use wireless keyboards, it would help my students to accomplish so much more in the short amount of time we have together. The keyboard cases would also allow them to view their work on an angle instead of on a flat surface. The cases would also protect our iPads when not in use. Thank you for considering our wish for iPevo Typi Folio Cases + Wireless Keyboards! We hope our wish will come true and appreciate all you are doing for education!

Thank you for your consideration!
~Suzanne Tiedemann
Art Teacher
Brunswick Acres Elementary School
Kendall Park, NJ 08824