Bear Creek School

Danielle O’Haren
Elizabethtown , PA
Dec 31, 2019
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I was so excited to check out the IPEVO wishpool this month to see something that I had just talked to a colleague about needing! I recently starting a coding club with my 6th-grade students using Sphero robots to introduce students to coding. We have multiple robots, but not enough plugs to charge them all. For about 3 months, I have been charging one at a time and having the students disconnect and reconnect to one Sphero each time they wanted to use try out their code on a maze. The students were anxious to try their codes on the maze and got frustrated at it taking so long. This charger would enable me to charge multiple Spheros at a time so that each set of partners could connect to a Sphero and not have to disconnect and reconnect. The notebooks could be used by students to record their findings after each test through the maze and during other coding simulations we use throughout the year. I have no doubt that my students would appreciate tremendously these gifts.