Clinton High School

Nancy Dent
Clinton , MS
Dec 17, 2019
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Currently, we are trying to monitor cell phone usage at school. Students with cell phones tend to be more distracted. I have instituted a new policy this semester in which students put their phones in a pocket chart at the front of the classroom when they enter. To encourage them to put their phones away, I currently have one small charging station with 4 plugs. The IPEVO supercharger would allow more than 4 students out of a class of 30 to charge. I have seen such a big change in participation and higher grade averages due to less distraction.

The five IPEVO notebooks would be so handy for my students who have learning disabilities. To be able to write down notes and upload them would help them tremendously.

I hope you choose me for this month's wish list gift. Either way, thank you for offering such great products to all teachers.

Sincerely yours,
Nancy Dent