New Oxford High School

Kim Smith
New Oxford , PA
Dec 14, 2019
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I teach Child Development and Housing and Interior Design at New Oxford High School. Both of my classes use notebooks for various projects in class. My child development students write their own children’s books that we then type up and publish thru an app called Pages. We use logi tech crayons to complete the illustrations. Each Logitech crayon must be charged each day. The SuperCharger would make this process so much more efficient! Right now I am charging 15 pens on two single chargers. The IPEVO notebooks would be awesome for my students to write their children’s books on. My housing students could also use this notebook for their elements and principles of design sketches. I teach in an underfunded school district where students do not have much. I have written several grants for iPads and other technology for my students.

Thank you for considering my proposal and Happy Holidays!