John D. Spicer Elementary

Jaime Norris
Haltom city , TX
Nov 1, 2019

I teach 5th grader Math at a Title 1 school with students that are mostly African immigrants. We are trying desperately to upgrade and buy new technology so our students will be able to keep up with other students when they get to Middle School and High School. The Notebooks would be an amazing addition to my math classes. Math is a hard subject to integrate with technology due to the fact that students HAVE to show their work in their calculations. With the notebooks, I will be able to have students annotate their math problems and share with the class or myself. I think they would make an amazing Math Station that all 85 of my students will be able to use. We can use them to graph, draw geometric shapes, and write out our long division problems. It will give our students a way to share their math with everyone-it can be posted on Google Classroom, etc. Thank you for reading my rambling - this is such an exciting product!