symmes valley elementary

Christina Crabtree
willow wood , OH
Oct 8, 2019
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This product could change my whole teaching style! I teach in a small rural district that is limited on new technologies and oftentimes feel like my students are being left behind in the digital world when compared to what I see other non rural schools being able to provide to their students. In recent years our district has provided us the benefit of projectors and upgraded teacher computers, but often the internet is not operating at a speed sufficient enough (or at all) that will allow me to utilize the technology in a way that I want to motivate and involve student participation in class. This pen would allow me to draw and annotate freely on images projected onto the screen and save the images to upload for students to use as notes or review in my math classroom. Being able to screenshot and record will be very useful features to further enhance the learning experience for students that need to be reminded of the material covered in class and could be uploaded to google classroom for students and parents to utilize.