Pathways High School

Molly Sheahan-Spector
Milwaukee , WI
Oct 8, 2019
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As a start up school, our technology is extremely limited. We are the region's only project-based, personalized learning environment and we live on a tight budget. However, much of our technology needs go to benefit students. Our students are 1-to-1 with Chromebooks, but this Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System would help bring student learning to its full potential. I imagine students drafting their writing, mindmapping, and peer editing with the help of this whiteboard system. I share a room with other teachers, including a visual art teacher, who would benefit from sharing tips and tricks with the students. Due to our space sharing, this small and portable system would meet our needs, engaging students and allowing us to build community by showcasing work and transferring the power to students, if necessary. Thank you for considering this gift for Pathways High. This would make all the difference!