Roosevelt High School

Rebecca Oberg
Minneapolis , MN
Sep 9, 2019
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In addition to teaching 9th grade English, one of my roles at the urban high school where I work is to mentor new teachers and guide them through the tenure process. I often meet with these new teachers and deliver professional development to them, and the coffee gift card could help create a welcoming, warm community atmosphere that will help build positivity and rapport among the group during those meetings. Further, I co-teach with a special education teacher and an ESL teacher, and I would love the opportunity to plan curriculum with them over a hot cup of coffee. We often don't get enough time to meet, and this can lead to feeling flustered or overwhelmed, so sharing some worktime over coffee could lead to more positivity and productivity, which will have a beneficial impact on me, my students, my curriculum, and my relationships with colleagues! Thank you so much for your consideration!