Crosswell Elementary

Stephanie Zumwalt
Easley , SC
Aug 12, 2019

I would love to receive this document camera for my classroom. My school does not provide us any, as they are too expensive for each teacher. Document cameras have so many different uses in the classroom. I would be able to do so many great things to benefit my students. Using a document camera, I would be able to show a science experience by up close, read a book aloud so each student can see the pictures, and show student examples to the whole class. Since our standards are centered around being able to explain your answers, I would love to use this as a way for students to explain how they completed their math problem to the whole class. These are just a few of the ways that I would benefit from using a document camera in my classroom. I teach in a Title 1 low income school. Many of students cannon afford the proper school supplies to succeed in class. I know this would be something my students would love the opportunity to use in order to become college and career ready! Thank you so much for considering being a sponsor in my classroom. You are blessing many lives!