Neil Hafley Elementary

Marina Farnsworth
Manteca , CA
Jul 30, 2019

Teaching is my passion and with a new school year around the corner, I worry about how I will ensure that my students are excited about learning. When I found out that this month's gift is an IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System, I couldn't help but start writing to tell you how much this will help me in my classroom for years to come.

It is no surprise that nowadays students are captivated by technology and that is why I am certain that IPEVO WI2 will create a high-yield learning atmosphere in my classroom. My wish is to bring this powerful technology into my classroom and let my students see how much fun they could have while learning! When my students are authentically engaged in the learning process, participation increases and behavior problems decrease. This system will provide so needed hands-on interactions in various subjects as I teach a self-contained classroom of 34 students.

My goal is to provide a more interesting delivery of lessons that would, in turn, minimize off-task behavior and spark students’ interests and turn them into life-long learners.

I believe that this interactive whiteboard system would be an extremely powerful tool in my classroom. It will enhance the learning experience of my students and will empower me as an educator to deliver effective instruction with the help of your Whiteboard System.