Public School 56

Serena Ramirez
Bronx , NY
Jul 18, 2019

I would greatly benefit from the IPEVO wireless interactive white board system because this tool is very engaging amd will provide my students with the opportunity to be hands on and interact with their learning using technology. Children learn best using different means whether it is technology or hands onmanipulatives. As an ESL teacher (English New Learner) I have to provide various support to my students and this tool will make it more accessible for me to provide my students with the various content the must master in 2nd grade. I would be able to teach math using this pen to create problems and have stide ts come to the board, social studies and science by highlight key information or completing projects together as well as literacy and phonics creating words using phonics patterns or identifying information using close reading skills. Thank You for taking the time reading my request.