Sugar Mill Elementary School

Amanda Cerda
Port Orange , FL
Jul 11, 2019

My kindergarten students would benefit from the IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System. I teach at a Title 1 school where access to new technology and access to funds to support innovative learning strategies is sometimes unavailable. I would love to give my students access to this technology. I would be able to display information, annotate, and explain information while all students are seated on the carpet in front of me. Students love anything technology based, so this would increase their engagement. I would be able to allow many students to annotate math problems to show various strategies and facilitate math discussion. Many science concepts could be taught using the IW2 device, such as parts of a plant, sorting items by category (solids, liquids, gases, living, non-living, pushes, pulls, etc.). Phonemic Awareness, reading, and writing skills could be taught whole group or small group using the IPEVO IW2 where all students could be presented with the information at the same time and in a more cooperative learning space. Using the IPEVO IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System will improve student engagement, increase student skill mastery, and facilitate in-depth discussions between students within my classroom.