Gervais High School FLC Classroom

Suzanne Bustamante Bustamante
Gervais , OR
Jun 12, 2019

Special Needs Classroom
Help me give my Special Needs students the opportunity to learn more in a more accessible way.
My Students
I am a teacher in special education classroom a small, rural town in Oregon.
I am requesting Wishpool’s assistance to grant us an IPEVO VZ Wireless, HDMI & USB 8MP Document Camera. The students in my classroom are not just my students, they have become my family. It is unfortunate, however, special education students often get over looked, forgotten about or not given the same amount of support simply because it is thought that their needs are not as important as the general education students. But these students didn’t ask to be disabled and will have to work through their disabilities every day of their lives. Of course, living in a small community has a tremendous amount of benefits but it also comes at the cost of having a very limited budget. Since money is tight, we are often the classroom that is the last to receive updated products.
As the teacher in our classroom, I am focused on providing that supportive environment for them to learn in and do the best that they can with what we have. But having access to their own interactive technology such as the IPEVO VZ Wireless, HDMI & USB 8MP Document Camera would be extremely beneficial for them and improve the way that their education is communicated to them, it would assist me as the teacher by giving me a new and exciting way in which to teach their curriculum by providing me with new strategies in which to teach them. With this device, the academic possibilities that I can provide them with are absolutely endless.
My Project
The mental benefits that interactive technology would provide for these special children are not just enjoyable but would provide a multitude of physical and mental attributes in which to learn from.
If we obtain this interactive learning device, these students will not just acquire a sense of joy but better yet, fundamental skill sets that they may never have another opportunity to experience in their lifetime. The academic possibilities that this device can provide for them is astounding.
IPEVO asked that I write our story to inspire others, but I would like to write a story about how these students inspire others. How they inspire me. They have to work twice as hard to learn just the most fundamental of concepts, the simple things that we all take for granted. They truly inspire me every day. They are so deserving of this device. I hope that you will see the value and the inspiration by granting us this very precious gift of learning.
Thank you