Savin Rock Community School

Jordan Melotto
West Haven , CT
Jun 12, 2019

I work in a low income, high poverty school district. The use of technology helps out my students so much. I have a high population of ELL and SPED students. When I use my document camera, it helps accommodate those students. They are able to see what I am working with. It also allows us to work together collaborately and helps them not stress out and try to keep up. When I am able to project ,y papers, they can see and follow along with ease. However, my document camera that I have now is very old and it doesn't show anything anymore. I have watched my students struggle to keep up and get frustrated. If my wish came true and I was given this document camera, my students will be able to learn in a much more comfortable and relaxing environment. It will also help them follow along and understand better.