Curtis Elementary

Lea Anne Nelson
Bossier City , LA
Feb 26, 2019
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In STEAM lab my students are always designing and building things. Sometimes those things are very sturdy and can be easily picked up and shared with the other groups. However, many times the designs can't be shared because they are too fragile to move around. I want all of my students to be able to share their designs with other groups. This not only allows them the opportunity to share ideas but also allows them an opportunity to practice speaking in front of a group of peers. With the use of the IPEVO wireless Document camera, students won't have to move their designs in order to share it with others. The camera can be brought to them and through this technology, everyone in the room will be able to share in the successes of each group and also learn from the mistakes made by others. This truly would be a valuable teaching tool for our students.