st. James Elementary

Ashley Toler
denver , NC
Feb 25, 2019
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I am in awe at the opportunities for technology in education that I-Pevo is now offering. I have an I-Pevo in my classroom that is no longer sold. It is an essential part of my instruction daily. I would love to get a wireless capable I-Pevo so that I could use the white board app in my classroom. The learning would then be in the hands of each and every child in my classroom. To think of the collaboration and hands on instruction that would be given to my students is surreal. Like many other educators I do not have the funds to purchase an item like this for my classroom. I would love for my wish to come true so that I can help today's children become tomorrow's technological innovators, which is what a piece of equipment like the wireless I-Pevo could enable me to do!