Savin Rock Community School

Jordan Melotto
West Haven , CT
Feb 5, 2019

I work in a low income, high poverty school. Many of my students don't have the basic needs to live with. That is why I make it my mission to provide my students with a happy and healthy environment while they're at school. I try to make my lessons fun and engaging, however sometimes it is difficult when I don't have the proper equipment. My students love when I am able to project what I am teaching on the board. However, my current document camera is very, very old, I was nicely given it when I first started teaching many years ago from a retiring teacher. Although it has helped me out, it is starting to not work. This is upsetting to my students. They can no longer see what I am doing.

I also love the document camera because it helps me make my documents as large as I can for my vision impaired students. Many of my students have trouble seeing in my class. If my wish for this document camera came true, what I project on my board will finally be clear, not fuzzy, and my students will be able to see the work and be comfortable and happy in class. Please, please help my students and I out. This wish would help my class out so much.

Thank you.